About Cathy

For many years before being in local government, I have served the community of Cairns in a wide variety of roles. The knowledge and experiences gained in local community service, such as Rock Impact Inc. Coordinator; Cairns South, has been very diverse. From facilitating activities and programs to enhance youth and family outcomes, coordinating and enabling 13+ schools with the free ‘Boost Breaky’ program, organising community events such as ‘Pets In The Park’, Australia Day, Child Protection Week etc., my connection within community over the last 35 years in Cairns has been very rewarding to say the least.

Now I have the privilege and opportunity to work within the community on a broader scale, in the role of Division 3 Councillor for Bayview Heights, Forest Gardens/Mount Sheridan, White Rock and Woree since March 2015. A responsibility I take very seriously and continue to do my utmost to serve the local community and residents.

I have lived in Cairns for over 35 years. I enjoy sport and the outdoors, having gained my black belt at Matsumoto Karate many years ago but now engaging in the less aggressive activities of calm water Kayaking and Trekking.

Early on I worked at Wild World (Cairns Tropical Zoo) conducting shows for tourists, which led to a career in Veterinary nursing at the Earlville Veterinary Surgery. Later on, as well as running our own businesses, I worked at Cairns Christian College (now known as Freshwater Christian College) as a Personal Assistant to the Principal which gave me more time with my three daughters who were attending the school. Working amongst children, teenagers and their families inspired me to further my career in the community service sector.

I still enjoy being involved in schools and am currently actively involved in 6 local school P&Cs, being President of White Rock State School, Vice President of Cairns Special State School and committee member at Woree State High School, Woree State Primary School, St. Gerard Majella Primary School and St Marys Catholic College.

Working with people from various backgrounds to improve their quality of life is something I really enjoy. In 2008 I became involved in working with a number of children and their carers who were living in poverty, in remote areas of Kenya. Working together with many amazing supporters, this small interest grew to become BIG Boldlyigo Inc. which is a registered ACNC Charity with the Australian Government and has DGR tax status, based right here in Cairns. I am extremely fortunate to work alongside many generous local individuals and families who support these children and carers with education and income generating projects through the BIG Child Sponsorship program. Check out the website for more info: www.boldlyigo.com.au

My passion is in community development, to be able to facilitate positive improvements in people, their surroundings and find ‘big picture’ solutions to challenges that occur both in my work locally and the broader community

“There is more to being a Divisional Councillor than just ‘roads, water, rates & rubbish’.
Whilst good infrastructure is vital, the heart of Cairns is in the Community.”