BIG Boldlyigo Australian registered Charity

ABN: 69709169056

One of my passions is directing and managing BIG Boldlyigo Inc, which is an Australian ACNC Registered Charity with DGR Tax Status based here in Cairns that assists children living in poverty in outer country areas of Kenya.

Long story short, 11 years ago I met a Kenyan marathon runner who was using his winnings to feed orphaned children in his village. After a lot of research and investigation, together with a team of youth from Rock Church I visited the township of Nyahururu, a country town in Kenya. Practical work was done on the trip to assist some of these children, but to me, it was obvious more could be done to assist these children.

It has been a journey of learning how to help without ‘hurting’. As many ‘well meaning’ charities in the past have caused more problems through handouts and lack of accountability. BIG is partnering with our Kenyan friends to give a hand up so that the children and their carers can have an opportunity to experience life without poverty. Education is the key and through child sponsorship, the children’s school fees, uniforms and related expenses are paid. Further fundraising happens back here in Cairns to fund extra income generating projects for carers.

What happened from that initial point 11 years ago, up until the recent registration of BIG Boldlyigo Inc. as a charity, is quite an amazing story. This story and more about BIG Boldlyigo Inc. can be found at

"To work from within Communities to empower and equip,
thereby enabling sustainable change.’