The arrival of the Clontarf Foundation in Cairns has been welcomed by all. The mentoring and empowerment of indigenous boys through the Academies in our local secondary schools is inspirational. To be able to work with these young guys and the Clontarf staff is quite a privilege and a fun experience that I enjoy every Monday during school terms. To serve is something that is rewarding and benefits not only others but yourself. To be able to provide opportunities in our local area for the guys to serve our community has been great. To have the locals honk their horns and say hi as they drive past is so encouraging; whether we are painting entrance walls or gardening. Then to see the finished product, wow!


It's been about 8 years now that I have assisted with this breakfast program, which has been served up 3 mornings per week at the White Rock State School. Originally starting with one morning per week, we then increased to 3 and then facilitated the program to another 14 state schools!

It’s an inclusive program, so everyone is welcome, with no one singled out. The positive change in children's behaviour and their ability to focus on their work greatly improves with a full tummy in the mornings.

I enjoy every Thursday with the students, and giving kids the opportunity to serve is something that will stay with them all of their lives.