Appointed as Councillor for Division 3 in late March 2015, then re-elected in 2016 I am thoroughly enjoying the relationships, projects, and connection with local residents, identifying areas in need of improvement and change, and delivering great outcomes. I have been able to use pre-existing connections within the local community to benefit the residents and this has resulted in many positive improvements.

Just some of the highlights over the last 4 years have been:

Traffic Crossing Supervisors – Bruce Highway

One of the first requests I had from one of the mums in the area was to get a Traffic Crossing Supervisor for the White Rock School kids who cross the Bruce Highway twice a day. My initial thoughts were; “sure, how hard could that be?” I soon discovered that Department of Transport and Main Roads policy stated that the six lane highway was too dangerous to put a trained Traffic Crossing Supervisor at the lights. So the question on everyone’s lips was “so how does that make it safe for our children?” It was like wading through mud. So on behalf of White Rock State School I organised an official petition, which was signed by more than 700 residents. I then gave this to our local State MP (who had also been looking into this situation) to present to parliament. The petition was successful and, commencing in 2016, we will have 2 School Traffic Crossing Supervisors to assist the school children morning and afternoon.

Community Development-Recent Projects

Sandown Close Woree

A result of poor planning in the past and other social factors, this small community joined with me to identify ways to improve their street. Together with help from our local assets, such as the Woree Tavern, Cairns Regional Council, Qld Police Service, Mission Australia, both Woree Primary & High Schools, Woree Neighbourhood Watch and many other service providers this street is being transformed.

Further to other artwork done under the Gordon Creek underpass, Wally Wallwork as part of the urban art project worked with local kids to transform the ugly back wall of the pub into a work of art. Council installed footpaths, new road markings and donated trees which are being cared for by residents. Truly a place of transformation....

Community Development-Recent Projects

Ivan Evans Walk

Our own slice of paradise….this beautiful rainforest track located at the back of Bayview Heights was very run-down. Together with State Gov. Works for Qld funds and Council funds; $300,000 was put to work to re-design and improve this walk to a with class 3 walking track. The track has been redesigned from Ellen Close to the lookout and back down to Toogood Road.

Ivan Evans Trail is a Class 3 walking track of approximately 2.4 km return (1 hour return). It winds through dense rainforest behind the suburb of Bayview Heights and climbs gradually to a lookout.


A lot of changes to signage around the division, such as improvements to TMR signage on the highways to assist Charlotte Close shops, combining five street names into one; Links Drive; which just made sense, working with the boys from Clontarf Foundation to paint the entrance statement walls in Forest Gardens and installing new Entrance Statement signage in Woree and Bayview to give the area a lift.


Everyone loves a good playground!!

It has been exciting to see many new playgrounds get installed over the last 4 years, along with many other improvements for our park areas.

Some highlights:

  • Sunbird Drive, Woree
  • Cantoni Park, Bayview Heights
  • Turner Park, Bayview Heights
  • Hussey Park, playground and gym equipment, Woree
  • 1/2 Basketball Court , Henderson Park, Bayview Heights
  • Khalu Park, White Rock
  • Reys Park, White Rock
  • Hollywood Boulevard, White Rock
  • Arthur Forno Park, Bayview Heights
  • Duck Pond extra swings & seats, Forest Gardens
  • Footpaths & seats winding through walking tracks, Forest Gardens
  • Duck pond paving and garden improvements, Forest Gardens
  • Sawpit Gully & Crowleys Creek clean-ups and improvements, Forest Gardens
  • Fenced dog off-leash park, Mecurio Street, White Rock
  • Cricket Pitch, Arthur Forno Park, Bayview Heights
  • Bridge and improvements, Ben Wilson Park, Bayview Heights

Representing the residents of Division 3 is a rewarding experience, I have included details showing many of the projects delivered along with pictures that tell the story, on the following pages.

Very exciting as there is so much more in the pipeline!